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About Dunk

My name is Scott Mills, and by way of introduction, I have thus far had an amazing adventure in life as a full-time pastor and part-time high school teacher for the last 20 years (25 if you include all the volunteer youth-pastoring I did while I was a high school English teacher).  


These endeavors required so many skills, wearing so many hats, I could legitimately list “Mad Hatter” on my business card!  

A non-exhaustive list would include:

  • preparing and presenting creative weekly studies and sermons to both small and large groups;

  • preparing and presenting creative lesson plans to high school students, some eager, some not-so-much

  • training, motivating, and monitoring volunteers;

  • presenting as the featured speaker (and sometimes as worship leader) at camps, seminars, rallies, and retreats;

  • personal, marriage, and family counseling;

  • and leading discussion groups.


There was also some plumbing, painting, stage-designing, and some just-barely-legal fireworks show designing tossed in for good measure!


I am currently taking a hiatus from the pastor / teacher journey, and bringing my years of creative communication to a different field. Over the years, I've learned how to present the "essence" of something concisely, with creativity, and with clarity, and I can help you tell your story.


Some of the things I most enjoy are discovering hidden gems, telling stories, and creatively presenting the world with a beautiful, brilliant, or beautiful concept, business, or person. I love watching the light come on for people when an idea, creatively presented, finds its mark.


Why "Dunk?" My middle name is Duncan, and one of the affectionate nicknamesmy mother gave me was "Scottie-Dunk."

And the Dunk kind of stuck!

What you might not be able to deduce from the short bio is that I'm a devoted family man & at least a partial adrenaline junkie who enjoys:
  • snowboarding
  • mt. biking
  • hanging w/ Rapha
  • cliff jumping
  • reading all kinds of lit
  • being a fan of CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien
  • hiking
  • playing guitar & singing
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • travelling
  • being an entrenched 
    coffee snob

I enjoy all of the above more fully & richly when enjoying it

with Amie, my wife of 22 years, and/or with 

my four very spirited, talented & amazing kiddos.


Would love a dialogue about any of the above!


The Five "Ancient Secrets" of Storytelling

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That's no Joke!

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