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Copywriting / marketing Services 


I help folks sell more of their stuff.

That's the long and the short of it. You're in business to help solve people's problems with your product or service. I'm in business to help you do that very thing.


How do I do that?


1. Great copywriting - the words used to sell your product.

2. Great marketing systems - the kind that don't cost an arm and a leg and that you don't have to babysit.


Maybe you have a great product, service, or message, but you're struggling to convert visitors into customers. 


What makes the biggest difference? It's not the fancy stuff like video backgrounds or pop-ups that do the trick. It's about engaging your ideal client with words they just can't take their eyes off of. If your copy isn't converting, what's the point? Eyeballs don't pay bills. 


My job is to spend some time going over your copy and see where I can help. Your site, email sequence, resume, or sales letter may need just a little tweak here or there, or a complete overhaul may be in order. I won't know until I take a look.


I'd love to hang out and look over your website / copy with you.


Book a 30 min. consultation session with me by following the instructions below.

Stuff I can help you with:

  • You need help with the copy "blahs"

  • You need suggestions on a landing page

  • You need better product descriptions

  • You need help with your "About" page (maybe your most important page)

  • You need help knowing how to "position" your product

  • You need help creating an email sequence

  • You need help knowing how to hit your customers' target need

  • You need help making something "stand out"

  • You need help with website layout, images, or basic design (I have a few top to bottom web design projects under my belt)

  • You need help with blog content 



Stuff I can't help you with:

  • A product no one wants to buy. I've seen some real doozies. Ask me about the fan blade covers!

  • Promoting a bad product

  • Technical web development (I'm not a code expert)

  • Additional rules & fun:

  1. I can't kill anybody. So don't ask.

  2. I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else...although I can make people fall in love with your copy.

  3. I can't bring people back from the dead...(I can bring your copy back from the dead). Other than that, you got it!

  4. Please tell me you get the "Aladdin" reference!

Book a free 30 min. Consult with Scott:

The Five "Ancient Secrets" of Storytelling

Using Storytelling in your Marketing can BOOST Sales by up to 28X!

That's no Joke!

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