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The Virtual Tour with a Spiritual Conversion

Have you seen this video yet? It’s brilliant. If not, watch it now -->

It’s incredibly effective...and not just because they use some cool techno “trick.”

There’s a moment here we rarely see in this type of advertising. Maybe you noticed it too.

Usually ads like this just show the pay off...the happy people with the product.

Rarely do advertisers reveal what the prospect must go order to get said happy product.

Old Irish shows us the moment of “conversion.” And it’s glorious. It’s transformative: a conversion experience any tent preacher worth his salt would give his left gonad to see at his altar.

You want the same thing for your business, right? You aspire to convert your prospects with your marketing so they can be transformed by your product.

And, you want your brand associated with that type of transformative power...more so than your competition. Not to mention putting money in your pocket.

So, let’s examine this ad...and what it has to do with your business.

The story begins with Old Irish pulling average people in off the street.

The prospects are invited to put on the VR goggles. Once they do, they’re transported. They see things they haven’t seen. They experience beauty they’ve never experienced.

And in the moment when they step into the Irish pub, it’s clear this is part and parcel of the Irish experience. The prospect WANTS to be there. He WANTS to be Irish. She wants to BELONG.

But then, the VR goggles come off and they return to the real world and their real selves. They’re in an environment that’s both magnetic and frightening.

They’re confronted with the fact that they’ve been TRANSPORTED, but to belong, they must be CONVERTED.

They’re outsiders looking in. And there’s a price to be paid to join this Irish clan. One act that separates them: the bottle smash.

And herein is the brilliance of this Old Irish ad. They put their prospects at this crossroads. They’re confronted with both a DESIRE to belong AND a FEAR that they can’t. You can see it on their faces...the uncertainty, the anxiety...yet still the longing.

The price of conversion is clear: smash the bottle to join us...or don’t, and get out.

Will they give a part of themselves so they can be transformed?

In the end, the “Lads” and the “Lass” commit. They smash the bottles on their heads and are instantly CONVERTED. They’re welcomed into the clan amid raised pints and shouts of triumph.

They sing badly, they drink joyfully, and hug like long-lost cousins.

The baptism is complete.

Speaking later of their conversion, one says, “It’s a miracle!” Another, filled with awe, says, “Who’s f*cking idea was that?!”

And this is what you want your marketing to do: give your prospects a vision of a better version of themselves...bring them to the crossroads of conversion...then celebrate their transformation.

“It’s a miracle!”

Now, if your advertising isn't doing THAT, we should talk.

In fact we should work together.

We’ll invite prospects into a world where they’ll see and long for a better version of themselves.

But, they’ll also feel the pain of their ordinary-ness.

Then, we’ll transport them to the crossroads where they’re face to face with a decision: commit a small part of themselves and be converted, or return to their ordinary lives, now with the weight of one more regret.

You need marketing that tells a transformative story, not just any story. Not just the right hook, headline or USP. And not just a convincing call to action or a catchy mechanism.

If your VSL isn’t telling that transformative story, it’s not helping as many people as possible. What’s more, it’s leaking money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling beer, bread, or baskets, I believe every product has a transformative story that MUST be told.

I’ll work with you to reveal your product’s transformative story.

Message me today and let’s see if we’re a good fit. If we are, I can get started right away as I’m coming to the close of a big project.

I’ve got room in June for 2 big projects, and a few smaller ones.

Two weeks from deposit and signing of proposal, we can celebrate with a few cold ones…”Old Irish” of course.

Smashing bottles mandatory.

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