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Mario Introduces Next Olympics and It’s “Super!”

I must admit I didn’t watch near as much of the Olympics as I usually do!

We’re usually glued to the TV every evening. Our family has many great memories watching the Olympics.

In fact, our oldest son was born right after the summer games in Barcelona.

This time around, it was mostly catching up on highlights via primarily the water sports: swimming, water polo (almost my entire family swam competitively and played polo in HS), and the triathlon (my vice).

Like I’ve written before, I love the competition, the drama, and the STORIES behind the athletes.

I happened to catch a replay on video of the “transfer” from RIO to TOKYO (2020 games). It was awesome in its enginuity and creativity.

Tokyo’s mayor showed up in RIO via Mario’s warp pipe! So cool. Here’s the quick video:

Now, Mr. Mayor’s not that great of an actor, but he played his part.

Why am I even mentioning this creative stunt?

Because it taps into what’s called “collective memory.”

Anyone alive during the 90’s knows of Mario.

And Mario...well, he’s awesome.

So, Mario = Tokyo = Awesome.

See how that works to connect the dots? Simple, but powerful.

That’s the power of tapping into stories in your messaging...whether you’re a business owner, a professional marketer, a salesperson, or a writer.

Connect the dots...all the way to awesome.

That’s especially true when it comes to sharing your underdog story.

Everyone’s got one...but not everyone knows how to share it to maximum effect.


Because it’s more than just overcoming an obstacle. It’s more than just “slaying the giant.”

In all, there are 7 “dots” to connect to effectively telling your underdog story. You = underdog who overcomes = awesome. Your audience will love it.

Discover how to connect the dots here:

It’ll only cost you $7 if you sign up for my template of the month membership.

These templates will boost your influence no matter your audience! I can hear the Mario theme music as I type! "It's-a-Mario!...."

Adventure On,


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