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Is Hope Solo Done?

Another US athlete fallen from grace.

If you don’t know why, it’s because after the US Women's soccer team lost to Sweden in the Olympics, she called their opponents “a bunch of cowards.”

There was immediate fallout - even from her own teammates.

She’s a brilliant at being goalkeeper, applying appropriate “filter”...not so much.

A couple of days ago, I wrote to you about how sometimes the biggest giants we have to overcome isn’t some outside force - society, culture, politicians, the competition, etc…

Our biggest ourselves.

Haven’t you found that to be true?

It isn’t what “happens” to us by outside forces, it’s what we do with it.

Both Ryan Lochte & Hope Solo, both great American athletes now “fallen from grace,” have a redemption project ahead.

I’m pulling for them, just I’d like pull for anyone, to own their failures, “grow” in becoming a better version of themselves, and let their audience in on the reclamation project.

Again, it makes up an incredible “underdog story.”

Ryan isn’t expected to “recover” from this. He’s too old & his sport is too small of a niche. Hope, as you may know, has had many previous brushes with the law. I’m guessing lots of pundits are saying she’s finished too.

Whether they return to the pinnacle of the respective sports or not is really immaterial.

Let’s see how they handle the “Goliath” of themselves. Let’s see whether or not they can overcome THAT obstacle - THAT opposition.

If they do, it will make their story THAT much more compelling, and will impact their audience (even if it’s smaller) HUGELY.

So that brings me around to me and you.

We can (and should) use our “underdog” story in our messaging...especially when “Goliath” is YOU. Doesn’t matter who your audience is, they’ll respect and believe you more when you share what that battle looks like for you...and how you’re overcoming.

(I think there’s an argument to be made that just sharing that a form of overcoming in itself, no?)

If you want to influence your audience (family, sales, students, clients, customers...ANY audience), share your underdog story...your “David & Goliath” story.

I personally believe the framework/template of the Bible’s “David & Goliath” story is the ULTIMATE underdog story, if for no other reason that it’s endured for thousands of years (even if you don’t believe the Bible - the story has resonated with people for millennia.)

I’ve laid out how you can follow THAT story arc by overlaying it with your own content in my exclusive “David & Goliath Story Template.”

It’s easy to do and ratchets your trustworthiness and authority in whatever niche you’re in.

Pick it up here:

Here’s “Hoping” they get a “lochte” down on overcoming their obstacles!

Sorry for the pun - I’ll try to do better tomorrow! Lol

Adventure on,


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