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Was yesterday THAT bad of a day for Ryan Lochte?

The consequences of Ryan’s “I got attacked by police” lie in Rio caught up with him yesterday.

He lost 4 sponsors in just a few hours.

Imagine if 90% of your income disappeared in one day.

Where would you be? What would you do?

Now, I don’t know if 90% is an accurate representation of Ryan’s income loss, but ESPN estimates the loss of sponsorships represents approximately $1 million loss in revenue for the swimmer.

Now, the purpose of this missive isn’t to castigate him. There’s plenty of that going ‘round...and he has a history of being a bit of a knucklehead. No need to pile on.

In my mind, he’s primed to complete an amazing story...if he handles it right.

The American public is famously quick to forgive when bone-headed people own their mistakes with humility and transparency...and move on to overcome them.

Will Lochte? Won’t he?

Time will tell.

But it’s clear that sometimes, the Goliath in our story isn’t an outside force. It’s an inside one.

Lochte is poised for an incredible comeback story...could we even call it an underdog story?

He’s pretty much been written off because of his stunt in he’s at the end of his swimming career...he seems finished...unlikely to do anything worth public mention, right?

Maybe you’ve been there before. Your Goliath...was yourself.

Have you leveraged that part of your story to influence your audience?

If not, my David & Goliath Story Template can help you do so. Inside the template, I walk you through setting up the Goliath you’ve overcome, whether it’s an outside force, or your own bad self.

You can pick up your very own David & Goliath Story framework right here:

Ryan Lochte certainly has an uphill battle ahead to rebuild after the rubble of his Rio ruse.

Let’s see how he does. Perhaps yesterday wasn’t such a bad day after all in the grand scheme of things.

Time will tell.

Here’s that link again:

Adventure On,


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