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Did You Touch Them All?

Since yesterday’s email was rather epically loooong, I’ll make this short.

Perhaps you know the name Prince Fielder? Heavy hitting baseball player.

Not so good at touching all the bases. In this instance, he missed first, had to go back, which turned a double into a single. I’m not bummin’ because it was against the Giants this happened. (Btw, it’s an even year, so they’re destined to win the world series, right???)

This is the kind of thing that can happen in storytelling.

You want to use stories to connect with your audience on an EMOTIONAL level, right?

To be effective, you have to reach their heart, not just their head.

But if you “miss a base” your story will stall, as will your effectiveness.

This is why story TEMPLATES are so effective. It helps you “touch ‘em all.” And when you touch all the bases, you’ll connect on a deeper level with your audience, the effectiveness of your stories will skyrocket - as will your influence (and sales).

Thanks to those who replied to yesterday’s email. It contained MY underdog story based on the David & Goliath template. It clearly connected with LOTS of you!

If you haven’t picked up my David & Goliath story template, do it today.

Your audience awaits:

Adventure On,


PS - I’ll be sharing some of the “underdog stories” some of you have been sending me. Haven’t sent me yours yet? Do so today

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