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Walk and chew gum? Here’s my brand new “fail.”

I discovered something new about what I’m NOT so good at yesterday.

It’s similar to walking and chewing gum at the same time...but different.

Here’s how it went down:

I was out for a trail run yesterday evening - where it was still 104 at 7:30 pm!

Now I usually run with my trusty Suunto sports watch, but the battery was dead, so I was without my “normal” setup.

One of the regular parts of my workouts is “hill repeats.” This is where you run uphill for a set period of time, then walk for a set period of time. For me, it’s usually 30 seconds of each.

But...since I was without my watch, I figured I’d just count my steps instead of seconds.

No big deal, right?


I discovered that if I’m listening to music (which I do because my music help keep the stoke high), I can’t count worth a darn.

My brain just can’t process numbers while listening to music!

I went from 21 to 43...then, no, wait, wasn’t it 33? GAH!

The music and counting are apparently too close inside my brain.

I’ve found the same thing happens in business. We can be “too close” to our own thing - and it kind of short-circuits us.

This is one of the areas where “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” rings true.

We can be so close to our own “thing” that we can’t see the forest for the trees.

How’s that for two epic cliches in a row???

That’s why we often need an outside set of eyes, or an outside framework to make sense of our own stories.

And that’s why story frameworks make so much sense when marketing ourselves, our products, our services, or even marketing our clients.

And that’s why I’ve created “Adventure Story Templates.”

They remove the stress of finding the “right” story to tell with your marketing.

For example, start with this month’s epic underdog story template. Plug in YOUR details and you’ll have a powerful story to tell your audience. They’ll connect with you on a deep level.

Which is why you should get the “David & Goliath” story template right now. The sooner it’s in your hot little hands the sooner your audience will be seeing YOU as THE authority in your niche and the sooner YOU’LL be building trust and the sooner YOUR story will connect with theirs.

Get your template here:

I may not be able to count steps and listen to U2 at the same time, but I can put the most powerful underdog story ever told into an outline form for you to follow. My guess? You’ll be able to count your increased sales -whether listening to music or not.

Here’s that link again:



PS - Where’s MY “David & Goliath” story, you ask? On its way, my friend. On it’s way.

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